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Modern, personalised funeral products and services to assist in creating a farewell fitting for families

Based in Christchurch New Zealand, Undertakers and Furnishers focuses on the supply of products and services from start to end for the funeral process. Every family deserves an Undertakers & Furnishers farewell.

If you have just had a death in the family and don't know were to go or what to do first, we will help you through the process and answer all of your questions. You can be comfortable your loved one is in professional hands with Undertakers & Furnishers.


In the early 18th Century when a person died the coffin-maker would visit the home of the recently departed to take measurements and make their coffin. The body would be laid out by a local woman and the body stayed in the home until the day of the funeral, usually three or four days later, before being carried to the church on the parish bier, usually by members of the family.

There were three main requirements at this time: coffin-making, undertaking and funeral furnishing. 

Funerals were carried out by both undertakers and funeral furnishers, the difference being that undertakers made their own coffins and funeral furnishers bought coffins from coffin makers and then  dressed them. 

Today, Undertakers & Furnishers are bringing back history into the 21st century for all your funeral needs, from an extensive range of caskets, coffins, and urns to headstones and memorial products, combine with our service in direct cremations.


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